New electronic material sets

Electronic material sets are updated!152 types of leather, about 100 sole and sole plates, and many other materials for your choice – for individual footwear, insoles, their coverings, and all the other products You might need.🌐 If You would like to see our new material sets, contact us via e-mail or phone +370 (665) 28542, zoom, skype, messenger, or any other comfortable way for You.

Custom-made shoe-sock

One more individual orthopaedic solution for a patient with partial foot amputation. This shoe sock is perfect for any model of casual or sports shoes. It is important to note that the heel height is appropriate. We can also produce such a product for your patient. No matter what country you are in. Comment on this post or email us at and we will be happy to send you the necessary order forms.

Most favorite pair of shoes

Most favorite pair of shoes: for people with walking disabilities this phrase has such a different meaning than for many of us.Our customer from Kaunas, who just recently celebrated her 52nd birthday, got sick with rheumatoid polyarthritis when she was only eleven years old. Because of illness, she had to stay in bed for a couple of years and although the pain becomes a little bit more bearable, the illness left its marks – now the woman can walk only with special, custom-made orthopedic footwear.AB “Ortopedijos technika” shoes for this customer makes for decades, and recently woman repeats her order… more

Unique design model UNIVERSE from the new shoes catalogue

Model features: designed for patients with limited foot and/or hand mobility, when it is difficult to put on the footwear; thanks to the unique design, the shoes can be fastened with one hand; the deep opening of the shoe at the front and the part of the heel released with the help of a zipper makes it easy to insert the foot into the shoe, to fix the stationary toes in the required position; convenient solution for service personnel when it is necessary to wear a stationary patient; the front of the shoe with a rubber nose protects the footwear… more

Insole with the integrated rise and external joint support

Each patient needs an individual solution. Let’s share one of them. ✨ These lasts with insoles can be used to produce orthopedic shoes with the possibility to remove a reinforced insert and adjust if necessary. As well it is possible to produce half-shoes, keeping the supports (even in the case of half-shoes; after covering some parts with leather). 📨 If interested, please contact us via email

New footwear catalog

We are glad to present you our new footwear catalog. – 146 models, each with 3 color options – so you can choose from 438 versions; – 6 groups of models according to their purpose for your convenience; – special icons to show the inner construction of the model; – professionally selected leather types. We are sure that you will like it and we are waiting for your orders already according to the new catalog, which you will find here: For the order forms, material sets and special conditions for the test order – please contact us,

Special arm splint for basketball player of the Danish national team Darko Jukic

During the training, the basketball player of the Danish national team Darko Jukic broke the palm of his right hand and turned to the specialists of the Vilnius branch of AB Ortopedijos Technika for urgent first aid. Orthopedic technician Rokas Ulozas made an individual, light, strong and comfortable arm splint for the athlete just in 30 minutes! We are happy to help and wish Darko to return to the play as soon as possible! Foto:

New product: SpecialFIX® Patella Strap

SpecialFIX® Patella Strap properties and uses: – universal size knee strap designed to be worn for knee pain; – made from air-permeable fabric, without restricting movements and reducing the risk of injury; – the pelota stimulates infrapattelar (postpartum) pressure to reduce pain; – the splint enhances joint stability and neuromuscular stimulation to restore normal functional movement; – the strap is designed to be worn during active movement.  

Thank You for visiting our virtual stand in OT World Connect 2020

Thank You for visiting our virtual stand in OT World Connect 2020. We will be in touch with all the exhibit contacts as soon as possible. If You missed the opportunity to visit OT World Connect 2020 – don’t worry, our virtual stand will be available to You for 3 months more! All You have to do – just follow the link and found all the opportunities we offer! Visiting the virtual stands is for free – but you have to register: