There are already 600 of us!

In May, we welcome an even bigger team – we already have 600! The success of the company’s work depends on each team member. We REJOICE in our achievements, TOGETHER overcoming smaller and bigger challenges. Working for health, we try to improve at every step of your life!

Carbon fiber mask

Mathias Oyewusi, who returned to the field with a protective mask after breaking his nose, was able to play as sharp as before and helped “Žalgiris” to win two important victories. After scanning the anthropometric data of the player’s face with a 3D scanner, this carbon fiber mask was individually made for the player by Ortopedijas Technika.

Knitted and sewed braces

We produce knitted, sewed supports, braces and orthoses. Our supports and orthoses provide such a characteristic as swelling control, proper compression, support, and decreasing pain, staying mobile and in place at the same time. Our products can be used at various fields: immobilisation, rehabilitation, injury prevention, sports, maternity and etc. Use of new technologies (such as modern 3D knitting technology) in our production ensure a perfect result. A big diversity of our products (from foot finger support to treat hallux valgus, to cervical orthosis to the injures of neckwill) help to choose suitable item. ✉ If interested, please contact us… more

It’s good to look back on one of the best trainings of last year – PrePreg orthoses-making training and workshop

The training was held by Mr. Kari Wallenius, Certified CPO partner from Finnland. In the course of the nearly three-day training, the lecturer covered 13 important highlights in the production of orthoses using PrePreg technology – both in theory and with clear practical examples. Our company is delighted to have friends from all over the world who are happy to come and share their knowledge and experience in the manufacture of orthopaedic devices.

One of our foreign partners’ favorite products – custom made CAD/CAM foot insoles

✅ the insoles modelling could be made according:🔹 pedilen (foam) imprints, 🔹 blue print, 🔹 plaster negatives/positives,🔹 shoe last,🔹 3D scanned foot data,🔹 modelled files;✅ fine milling;✅ two side milling;✅ filling of sinks with PPT and etc.;✅ different material blanks for milling, including dual density blocks; ✅ with or without top cover;✅ various top covers materials;✅ attractive production and delivery terms; ✉ If interested, please contact us via e-mail,

New FIXALTO product

An elbow support designed to relieve tendon pain in cases of lateral and/or medial epicondylitis. It is also recommended for elbow tendinitis.

Special vest for the hero from the movie “Butterfly Heart”

“Butterfly’s Heart” is an action-adventure film made for families and children. It tells about a boy, Joseph, whose heart is protected by a hood and thick armor, the miracle of friendship, summer adventures and beetles.  The film has already been selected for more than 20 international film festivals and won awards in Belgium and France. The film is inspired by the book “Special” by Modesta Jurgaitytė.  “We received an order from the creators of the film – to create a special vest to protect the heart that jumped out of the chest of the hero of the film. After discussing… more

Thanks to the efforts of AB Ortopedijas Technika, one of the football players of the Lithuanian football club Panevėžys was able to continue playing!

After a serious and complex facial injury, football player urgently needed a very sturdy face mask.Our technologists scanned the footballer’s face with a 3D scanner and produced a very rigid carbon-fibre face mask within one day of the scan.The athlete was surprised that the mask is very thin and at the same time very strong. After the match, the footballer said that he felt safe and comfortable wearing the protective mask.Protective mask:✔Made individually and fast.✔For athletes after various facial traumas, patients after plastic surgery.

Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts Exporters Club meeting in our company

In November, members of the Export Club visited AB “Ortopedijos technika”. Those who participated in the visit had a unique opportunity to see how the production of orthopedic devices is responsibly and precisely planned and organized. The attendees were interested not only in the production process of orthopedic products, the available product basket, but also in the company’s customer search channels and export markets. Jurgita Žemaitienė, the export manager of AB “Ortopedijos technika”, who welcomed and accompanied the guests, gladly answered all the questions of the audience, shared the nuances of the company’s activities and export development plans.

We are a big family with a common goal

It is perhaps symbolic that, as autumn draws to a close, we are sharing a moment from our team’s autumn meeting outside the office. It is really interesting to get to know colleagues from the non-work side, to find out what we did not even suspect: there are colleagues who have driven a trolleybus, who know how to drive a tractor, who have played the violin, the piano, who have danced national dances, who have attended academic rowing, who dream of completing a course as a paramedic, who collect coins, and who have even had a personal exhibition of graphic… more