Custom-made protective helmet

Our custom-made protective helmet which we make for patients who injure themselves or are unbalanced and may accidentally faint.


At the client’s request, a rain protector was created for the post-operative shoe – an additional accessory that is simply fastened to the top of the shoe with velcro and covers the front of the foot. Simple, convenient, and practical.

SpecialFIX Stoma belt 2.0

In collaboration with abdominal surgeons with many years of experience, a uniquely designed belt has been developed for patients with stoma. It is designed to make the stoma content collector comfortable and safe to use for long periods, including when traveling. Following feedback and suggestions from users, the belt has been improved to make the second generation (2.0) stoma belt a universal, customisable product.– The belt is made of elastic cotton fabric that does not irritate the skin, and a strong fabric in the stoma area presses against the collection plate and prevents it from unsticking from the skin.– A unique… more

OTWORLD’2024 Memories

More than a month after the exhibition, we are all still living in its memories. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our existing customers who dropped by to say hello. We are grateful to all the new connections who have found our products interesting. We hope that all of you found the exhibition interesting and useful. Best wishes from Kaunas, we will keep in touch and see you next time!

New product – shower shoes!

Here’s our new product that we brought to the exhibition – the shower shoe! Model features: – designed for showering when you need stability (standing) or foot correction; – orderable as individual footwear; – available as low shoe or high boot; – stabil shell – made of thermoplastic material; – seamless construction; – soft inner material; – EVA-brandsole without metal mesh, plastic eyelets – no corrosion. – water-friendly Velcro fastening; – non-slip sole;

New product – rain boots!

Here’s our new product that we brought to the last exhibition – rain boots! For those who couldn’t make it to the show, here’s a sneak peek of our new product 👇 Model features: – an alternative to rubber shoes when various orthopaedic elements are necessary; – climate membrane lining; – waterproof medial zipper; – designed for dry comfort; – rubberized leather; – flexible sole.

Our colleague will be joining the medical team of the 2024 Paralympic Games!

We are excited to announce that our colleague Vilija Ruškienė, a physiotherapist – orthopaedic technologist, will be joining the medical team of the 2024 Paralympic Games! The Paralympic Games are more than just a sport event – it is unique opportunity to highlight those moments when disability becomes a super POWER. This is an inspiration and motivation to contribute the social change by involving more people with disabilities in sport and employment.

Recently updated standard AFO – magnetic closures!

We are pleased to introduce our standard AFO with magnetic closures: Watch video of our standard anterior and posterior AFO with magnetic closures here: