A protective face mask is recommended for sportsmen after various facial injuries (nose or other facial bone fractures). With this protection, the athlete can return to the sport faster, which is extremely important for professionals.

Features of the protective face mask:

– made individually,

– protects against repeated injuries,

– extremely strong and light,

– the inner part of the mask is covered with a soft material that absorbs part of the impact and increases wearing comfort.

With this protection, a professional athlete can resume playing in a matter of weeks instead of missing the rest of the season. More than once, the protections produced by us have enabled professionals to participate in extremely important matches and thus contribute to the team’s achievements. Protective carbon fiber face masks are not just for professional athletes, they can also help many active people who have experienced facial injury or surgery.

Production time: 3-5 working days. For a shorter production period, negotiate individually.

More detailed information and orders are accepted: tel. No. +37068675599; +37067906605.

Production process:

Modern technologies are used in the production process of the face mask, the three-dimensional scanning used to obtain anthropometric data provides an opportunity to obtain all the necessary features of the face geometry within a couple of minutes and without any physical contact. This made it possible to raise the service to a higher level and guarantees fast and comfortable patient service.

Based on the long-term experience of our 3D modelers and modern parametric modeling, CNC production and three-dimensional printing technologies, a three-dimensional image of a product with a completely individual design and shape is modeled in an extremely short time.

More than 20 years of experience of our orthopedic technologists has shown that to ensure truly reliable protection, only the highest quality composite materials must be used, such as: carbon fabric used in sports cars and the space industry, and other special fabric used in the production of bulletproof vests and rover parachutes. These materials enable us not only to ensure reliable protection, but also to significantly reduce the weight of the product, increasing wearing comfort.

During a certain process, these two materials are combined into a homogeneous structure in a high temperature and vacuum environment, thus achieving extremely high product quality and reliable protection.

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