Special vest for the hero from the movie “Butterfly Heart”

“Butterfly’s Heart” is an action-adventure film made for families and children. It tells about a boy, Joseph, whose heart is protected by a hood and thick armor, the miracle of friendship, summer adventures and beetles. 

The film has already been selected for more than 20 international film festivals and won awards in Belgium and France. The film is inspired by the book “Special” by Modesta Jurgaitytė. 

“We received an order from the creators of the film – to create a special vest to protect the heart that jumped out of the chest of the hero of the film. After discussing with the filming team and drawing sketches, the production process began, in which we had to combine traditional production processes with non-standard solutions,” says Audrius Juozapaitis, orthopedic technologist of AB “Ortopedijos terchnika”.

And what came out of it, we invite you to watch in this video:

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