Stand with Ukraine

Our goal now is not only to do our job well but also to find ways to help the Ukrainian people.

What do we do?
– We have registered with Kaunas municipality to be able to admit people who were injured in the Ukrainian war to our clinic for rehabilitation at company expense;
– we have found a way to reach one of the Ukrainian hospitals directly and transported the support of AB “Ortopedijos technika” and its employees. The parcel consisted of essential medical and hygiene supplies and baby food and already arrived in a Ukrainian hospital on 3 March.
– Our R&D department has ideas on what items Ukrainian hospitals need now that we could produce ourselves.
One of those ideas is already a work in progress: we are sewing stretchers for wounded Ukraine warriors.
“A hero is not necessarily a soldier. A hero is anyone who does their job well, no matter the circumstances.
Even in Kyiv today, many people go out and do their job. They are also called heroes.” (quote from a Lithuanian army post)
We invite everyone in Lithuania and our partners around the world to do their part by donating, working, volunteering, praying, or sending messages of support to the people of Ukraine. 💙💛

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